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Tap "You can also enter your code manually," then follow the prompts. If you have a promo or content code, enter the code from the back of the card. Tap Done. If you want to use the camera in your computer to redeem your gift card, click Use Camera. If you're in certain countries or regions, or have an older card, you might have to enter the card manually in the box under "You can also enter your code manually," then follow the prompts.

Click Redeem when you're done. Open the Apple Music app. Tap "Redeem Gift Card or Code. Learn more Your Apple ID balance is used for each purchase that you make in any of the stores, including Apple Music subscriptions, and for iCloud storage, until it's gone. Learn how to view your Apple ID balance. If you're trying to redeem an Apple Music promo code, the code must either match the type of membership that you already have, such as an individual promo code for an Individual membership, or you must sign up for Apple Music with the type of membership listed on the promo code.

Your credit applies only to your account.

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Published Date: Fri Feb 01 Yes No. Character limit: Maximum character limit is Start a Discussion in Apple Support Communities. Get ready to sell online by simply adding your products, customizing the look and feel of your online store, and then adding a custom domain to match your brand name. The Shopify admin dashboard has the following navigation, as shown in the image below. You can also add more sales channels, such as social media channels here.

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Once those steps are complete, your Shopify store is ready to begin testing and building within your web browser. It really is that simple to get started selling on Shopify! Shopify allows its users to create a variety of discount codes for their customers. The following coupon configuration options are offered:. Once the Shopify discount is created, your customers can enter the code online on your webstore, or in person for those utilizing the Shopify POS system. Creating a Shopify discount is easy, once you get the hang of the various configuration options within the admin panel.

Always be sure to test each coupon code or promotion terms in a live environment, to ensure your settings are correct and to guarantee your customers have a flawless shopping experience on your ecommerce website. There are several ways to generate Shopify coupon codes.

The first and most straightforward option is to simply use the build-in random code generator under the following:.

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Best of all, the plugin is free. So you have nothing to lose by installing and trying the plugin, if you are seeking a Shopify coupon code generator. Favorite feature: The ability to bulk import your own custom codes or use their built-in random code generator. Add App. PriceRule creates the fixed value, percentage, and free shipping discounts. DiscountCode enables merchants to create multiple discount codes that belong to the same PriceRule.

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Another great feature of Shopify is their app store. With dozens of categories to explore, you can find anything from social proof to customer retention, cross sells and upsells to fulfillment processing and inventory management — there is something for every business model, all with the goal of making your job easier. Shopify App Store categories include the following:.

Each category is then broken down into several subcategories, each with dozens, even hundreds of apps under each. Marketing, for example, may be broken down into the following:. There are currently hundreds of Shopify discount code apps and plugins available direct through the Shopify app store, with dozens more across third party websites. So how do you choose the best discount app for your Shopify store? Here are the top discount code apps of , based on my research and testing:.

Add App Bulk Discounts Create thousands of discount codes in seconds. Bulk Discounts can create up to , coupon codes per promotion with a simple click. Ability to export your discount codes in CSV format to easily import to your CRM or other business management software. Free to install.

Add App Free Shipping Bar Alert your customers of a free shipping option with a customizable bar atop your website. Easily incentivize increased order values with customizable cart goal displays. Add App Automatic Discount Apply automatic discounts and promotions via custom rules. You can build a pre-filled cart, auto-apply a discount to it, and share the link with your customers for streamlined checkout.

Free plan available. Yearly billing discounts available. Add App Military Discount Support our troops with exclusive offers to thank them for their service.

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Go beyond military discounts with 4x separate verification processes for Military, First Responder, Students, and Teachers. Many Shopify users wish to move the discount code box to before the checkout page. Many studies have shown that a coupon entry in the shopping cart, for example, has better conversion than on the checkout page itself.

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This is because many users will bounce from the final checkout page to search the web to find a discount code prior to order completion. However, the official Shopify stance on the matter is that the discount code field can only appear on the checkout page. This is because the Shopify engine determines final price on this page, and the build-in Shopify discount rules are calculated based on the final checkout value.

There is, however, a way to modify your CSS to move to move the Shopify coupon code to the cart page.

Whenever attempting to modify your Shopify code, always create and verify a stable backup copy prior to modification. For this example we will be changing the order of operations for the discount code option for PayPal payments. By default, Shopify will have users visit the PayPal transaction page before entering the discount code in the checkout on the final step. This hack allows users to enter their discount code before the PayPal transaction page. Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Locate the checkout. Step 5: Add the following code to adjust this:.

While that is certainly not a perfect solution, this Shopify hack for Plus customers allows greater flexibility in the Shopify coupon code location in shopping cart and checkout steps.

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This code was adapted from the following Shopify ecommerce university thread seen here.